Everybody wants to look good, and cosmetics ensure that they give you what you need. However, this bargain comes with its share of problems.  

Modern day cosmetics are full of chemicals and compounds that have been known to cause headaches, allergies, skin reaction, hair fall, ageing and even cancer. Its common knowledge that women use more on cosmetics and spend exorbitantly on cosmetics, than men do and consequently  they face a greater risk of being exposed to its side effects.

But, looking good doesn’t necessarily have to come at such an exorbitant price tag and with so many unwanted ill effects. In ancient India, yoga and Ayurveda took care of almost every physical wellbeing aspect you could think of.  Although thousands of years old, yoga and Ayurveda are still in vogue today and both yoga and Ayurveda are natural, without side effects and relatively inexpensive

Ageing is a natural phenomenon and there’s no escaping it. Luckily enough, you do have the option of ageing slowly and gracefully by following these tips:

Kapal Bhati pranayama, also known as the Skull Shining breathing technique, this pranayama improves blood circulation and adds radiance to the face It also improves the flow of prana (energy) In the body

Simhasana -This face yoga asana specifically affects the facial muscles by relaxing them, thus alleviating any stress.

Pink stretching -Stretching the neck helps get rid of those scary wrinkles while eliminating excess fats on the neckline It also helps keep the skin from sagging.


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